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Diapers sometimes become the reason for those rashes that make the kids uncomfortable. Nappy liners provide superior care to the baby's bottom and help prevent them from these skin issues. Hence, it's always essential to ensure that the product you buy is safe to use for the kids and passes all the quality checks.

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Nappy Liners Buying Guide

Liners are the non-absorbent that reside between the bottom of the baby and the nappy cloth. A nappy liner mainly does two things; it allows the urine to pass through itself, which cannot return due to the liner's non-absorbing nature. Other than this, it makes the process of disposing of the poop easier by catching all of it. Nappy liners keep the bottom of the baby drier than it is usually. This buying guide on nappy liners aims to make your purchasing experience convenient and hassle-free.

Availability of several varieties

Manufacturers in any field never shy away from puzzling us with the varieties they produce. There are mainly three types of nappy liners: flushable, fleece, and cut up blanket. The flushable ones come in rolls from which you can take the quantity of nappy liner you need, and then after use, you can easily flush them too. Fleece liners are extra-soft for the baby's skin and provide better protection from rashes. They are basically like fleece liners, but in this case, they come in pre-cut sheets. Irrespective of the material you choose, you must ensure to wash off all the chemicals from the cloth before use.

Disposable vs reusable liners

Choosing between the disposable and the reusable liners is more of a personal choice that you can decide after trying both. Disposable liners do not decompose earlier than toilet papers, so if you choose to flush them, there's a chance that they can clog your bathroom's drain. However, on the other hand, it is more troublesome to deal with the poop in washable or reusable nappy liner than in disposable one. If the baby has rashes very often, then it is best to go with a reusable one.

Other essential features to consider

No one saves the used diapers for later uses. A nappy liner must be 100% biodegradable for its safe decomposition. Viscose and Tencel are the two fibres of cellulose that are the reason for their biodegradable nature. Buyers buy this to save their time, so one should ensure that they are not very hard to use. The liner must be suitable for sensitive skins. And lastly, ensure that the material is germ-free.

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