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Sometimes the smallest things in the world make a huge difference, and a safety pin is one such thing that justifies the above statement. A safety pin is a less credited invention, as we fail to recognise its impact in the real world. Safety pins have numerous subcategory; one of such subcategory is nappy pins.

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Nappy pins are a type of safety pin designed to ensure that it holds the nappies or loin-cloths as a safety clam in a proper position for the child. They also come with an extra safe cover to ensure the child's safety.

The advantage over regular pins

The main difference between a regular pin and a nappy pin is in terms of the design. The nappy pins have an enhanced locking system and an extra safe cover specially designed keeping the child's safety in mind, whereas a regular pin lacks these features. Thus nappy pins are considered as an ideal pin for tightening the nappies.  

How to use a nappy pin?

This is a crucial knowledge to have as nappy pins have an extremely pointed pin that can harm the child. A proper technique must be followed while tightening the nappies of a child. The parent must place two or three fingers under the diaper's fabric while poking the diaper, which will prevent pricking the babies body while fastening the nappy. The parent must also ensure that the pin stays away from the belly button of the child.

Can be used for multiple purposes

Other than tightening nappies, these pins have wide application in real life. They can be used in art and craft, jewellery making, cloth attachment and numerous such task can be performed with the help of these pins.

Packing and aesthetics that stand-out

These durable, lightweight and rust-resistant stainless steel pins are usually sold in bulk and come with plastic/cloth-based storage pouches, making storage of these pins extremely easy. They are available in different sizes and colour options, making them aesthetically appealing and fit for outdoor use.

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