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Diapers are a beneficial and essential commodity for any child and are used from the very first moment of the child's birth. But not always diapers are a perfect fit for a child. Here come the nappy pins and fasteners which are used to tighten the diaper of a child.

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Nappy pins are a type of safety pin specially designed for kids diapers. They provide an extra grip and holds the diaper in a perfect position for the child. Similarly, fasteners are a plastic-based product that serves the same purpose as a nappy pin but is a bit safer than the pins.

Why do you need a nappy pin or fastener?

One of the most important and basic baby essentials are diapers, but the problem is that they are available in a set size, i.e. small, medium, large. Here, the problem arises when the available size's diaper does not fit the baby, which causes a chance of leakage. Thus, nappy pins and fasteners are used to tighten the diaper and make it a perfect fit for the baby.

Which is better nappy pins or fastener?

Although both nappy pins and fasteners serve the same purpose, still they differ in some aspects. Nappy pins are made up of stainless steel and have a pointed edge through which it is pricked into the diaper, whereas fasters are made up of plastic and work on lock type mechanism which assures the baby a bit more safety.

Precauses to take while using nappy pins

While using nappy pins, one must be extremely careful in handling the pin and tightening the diaper; otherwise, the pin's needle end can harm the baby. Firstly, a nappy pin with extra safe cover must be selected, and the pin must be inserted in such a manner in the diaper that it pins away from the child's belly button. 

Packing and aesthetical property of the pins

Mostly nappy pins come in sets with plastic packaging, but some come with a cloth bag that makes storing the pins very convenient. The top of the pins is available in many colours and designs. Some are designed in the form of animals faces, fruits and plants which make them stylish and effective for outdoor use.

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