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Babies & nappies substantially go hand in hand. Sometimes changing diapers is a neat & calm process. While on some occasions, it is not less than a speedy mission! A nappy stacker could prove to be a time and labour saving product. It is a perfect place to store all the unused nappies for babies.

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Nappy Stackers Buying Guide

On average, a newborn baby needs 10-12 nappies per day, a six-month baby will have 8-10 nappies, and a year old baby will require 6-8 diapers within a day. Indeed, there is going to be thousands of diapers in the wardrobe during the initial years. And, stacking up a decent quantity of nappies is, undoubtedly, a hectic task. Therefore, adding up a nappy stacker to the baby’s nursery is a sensible decision.

The ideal structure 

Today, nappy stackers are available in a variety of styles and materials. Most stackers come in a long hanging design. Some stackers stay open all the time for quick service, while some of them have zippers to close the bag when not required. They are also available in different colours and unisex designs. The sideward ribbons, holder, or hooks can hang the stacker to any cot, wardrobe, dresser, or even at the back of the door.

A spacious stacker is sprightful!

Generally, there are different sizes of nappies & diapers available for babies. So, a nappy stacker must have enough space to stack all the nappies of a particular baby’s size. Getting a stacker with a broad and deep bottom is a good option. Several nappy stackers come with a few side pockets. Such designs could help the parents in storing different baby’s articles.

Materialistic features of stacker

When buying a nappy stacker, always check the fabric of the stacker. The nappy stacker should be strong enough to hold multiple baby articles like nappies, diapers, bibs, socks, etc. The clothing material should be durable and have tear strength. Buying a stacker that is machine washable is a desirable addition.

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