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All roller bearings are designed differently and have distinct rolling elements that make them suitable for specific applications. Needle roller bearings' rolling part is shaped like a needle – hence the name. Compared to any standard roller bearing, needle roller bearings are at least four times longer than their diameter and have a greater surface area – increasing its load capacity. Like all bearings, a needle roller bearing reduces the rotating surface's friction and transfer torque.

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Needle Roller Bearings Buying Guide

Needle roller bearings usually support radial load and have a wide range of industrial applications, including construction, automotive, agricultural, and auxiliary equipment. However, a needle roller bearing is also suitable for domestic use like pulleys, pumps, compressors, and power tools. Since needle roller bearings are relatively thin, they require less clearance between the axle and the surrounding structure. Besides having a high load capacity, a needle bearing is low-cost and works well with rigid and big shafts. But before buying one, buyers should take note of some features that this guide will explain.

The Types of Needle Roller Bearings

There are not one but three main types of needle roller bearings – thrust, drawn-cup, and track, and buyers need to choose one based on their requirement. Although all three variations have the same primary function, some are more suitable for specific situations. For instance, the cage-like design of drawn-cup needle roller bearings makes it the ideal choice for deflection and misalignment. In contrast, thrust needle roller bearings offer a higher load capacity and does a better job at reducing friction. Lastly, track needle bearings are best suited for mounting arrangements and resist shock loads excellently.

Check the Model Number & Size

Picking out a needle roller bearing at random and expecting it to work with your machine or equipment is not the right thing to do. Instead, buyers should first select one among the three types and then check the bearing's model number. Doing so will ensure easy installation and eliminates the risk of machine failure or malfunction. Similarly, buyers should buy needle roller bearings only after taking proper measurements as the size depends on many factors, but especially the shaft size. However, it is essential to measure both the inner & outer diameter plus thickness.

More Essential Properties

Buyers should ensure that the needle roller bearing they choose comprises premium quality materials like stainless steel and must be rust and corrosion-resistant. The bearing should be able to withstand high speed and loads, work well under all environmental conditions and have high precision. Good heat tolerance is also crucial, especially if using the bearings for heavy-duty applications. Although external lubrication is recommended for needle roller bearings, buyers even go with pre-lubricated ones if preferred.

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