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When turned on, the water flows out the tap. The speed of flow is controlled by turning the tap in another direction. Have you ever wondered how the flow is controlled when the tap is turned? Inside the pipe is an instrument needle, which uses a tapered pin via a spindle to adjust the flow. This underrated instrument is called a needle valve.

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Needle Valves Buying Guide

In layman's terms, a needle valve is a device that controls the flow of gas and fluid. They are known to gradually and accurately control the flow. That being the case, they are used for low flow rates, like to control the flow of gas and viscid fluids. This article will guide the buyer on what to look for in a needle valve.

Working of needle valves

Needle valves can be operated manually and automatically. Automatic ones are connected to hydraulic motors, while the handwheel controls manual ones. Manually, when the handwheel is turned, the plunger is lifted, opening the valve and allowing the fluid to pass through. Turning the handwheel in another direction controls the flow rate. Automated ones follow the same principle. Instead of the handwheel, the motor adjusts the plunger's position.

Features of suitable quality needle valves

High-calibre needle valves are made of good-quality materials. They should be durable, prevent the valves from rusting. They should also be able to tolerate extremes in temperature and pressure. A suitable valve ensures good sealing and prevents leakage of water, oil etc. Some valves come with a BSPP thread for tight connection. Needle valves can be applied to any media transmission, including water, gas, oil, and other fuels.

Brass and stainless-steel valves

Brass needle valves are known to withstand extreme temperatures, so they are implemented in gas piping and drinking water applications. Brass is corrosive, which is why it can't be used for seawater etc. Stainless steel has good chemical resistance and, like brass, can withstand high temperatures. They can operate in distilled water, seawater pipes. Aside from brass and stainless steel, needle valves come in different materials too. They are chosen based on the type of fluid.

Where are needle valves used?

Since we know that needle valves are better at regulating fluid flow rate, they are preferred in systems that use less viscous fluids with low flow rates. Due to their ability to withstand heavy temperatures and pressure, they can be used in any clean gas and liquid, generally used to control gas flow like propane, ammonia etc. Extra attention to the valve's material is crucial for better performance.

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