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Nesting dolls are unique and fun. The art is exquisite, and some tell intriguing stories. Not only do they make your house look more interesting, but they also act as great conversation starters: children and adults love them.

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Nesting dolls are fun; they make for an exquisite purchase and possession. Nesting dolls consist of progressively smaller dolls placed within the bigger one.  You open one; you get another smaller one inside! No matter your age, you will love them. We can already imagine how delighted a child will be to discover a secret second doll inside the big doll; they will absolutely adore it! Even adults love nesting dolls. Perhaps grown-ups will appreciate the art and the intricate details more. They make for interesting showpieces to have in your households; nesting dolls are great conversation starters. They are bound to entertain everyone. Of course, they beautify your rooms too. You might want to buy the prettiest nesting dolls you can get your hands on, but putting in a bit more thought into it will make your purchase better and more meaningful.

How many dolls are in there?

This is an obvious one. Nesting dolls are contained within one another. You open one, and you get another. How many such dolls do you want? When do you want the surprise to end? It really is entirely up to you. For some people, nesting dolls are meaningful. They stand for fertility family; nesting dolls symbolise generations. It is up to you how many you choose to depict. You can tell stories of generations of your families through the dolls; you can leave behind a legacy. One can even find nesting dolls with thirty or more pieces.

What are the dolls made of?

What material the dolls are made of determines their durability and strength. You will find plenty of nesting dolls made of wood. Some choose Birch; others are made from the wood of Tilia trees. You can also find nesting dolls of Linden wood. A few nesting dolls are made of ceramic or papier mâché, but they tend to be fragile.

Paint on the dolls

Nesting dolls tend to be handcrafted and handpainted. Hence, they are unique, and variations are bound to exist. What makes these dolls special is that they are works of art and not mass-produced.  Some dolls have no varnish; they might combine painting and wood burning. Some artists use tempera paints which last for a long time and don't fade away, unlike oil paints. If the varnish is used, make sure it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can even buy unpainted dolls and design them your way.

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