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Designing their child’s room is something all parents look forward to, and even the tiniest details matter. Although a lot of planning and decision making goes into setting up your kid’s nursery – furniture and fabrics are what we pay the most attention to as they significantly contribute to the room’s accent. Nursery curtains are one such item that adds to the room’s aesthetic and can bring out the colour(s) of the walls. Even though curtains’ primary function is to block out sunlight and enhance privacy – they are also perfectly suitable for decorative purposes.

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Nursery Curtains Buying Guide

Installing curtains in your child’s room is always a great idea, so they get an uninterrupted and good night’s sleep while also giving you peace of mind. Moreover, nursery curtains also make an excellent gift option for several occasions, especially baby showers and Christmas. Better yet, there are countless designs, patterns, prints, and colours for buyers to choose from. But no matter how simple or easy purchasing nursery curtains might seem, it does require some deliberation – and this comprehensive buying guide is here to help buyers make an informed choice.

Go for Blackout Nursery Curtains

When buying nursery curtains, buyers will come across several options – however, it is better to purchase blackout curtains instead of regular ones. Such nursery curtains come with triple weave technology and a back layer coating that efficiently blocks sunlight and UV rays so as to darken the room. Moreover, the curtains also have excellent thermal properties that keep the nursery cool during the summer season and reduce heating costs by keeping the cold out during the winter months. Similarly, blackout nursery curtains help keep outside noises to a minimum, which is necessary for your baby’s privacy and undisturbed sleep. 

Easy Care & Maintenance are a Must

Even though we don’t need to clean curtains as frequently as bedsheets, pillow covers, and blankets, doing so is essential once in a while. Most people prefer getting their curtains dry cleaned, but that might not be accessible to everyone and isn’t entirely pocket-friendly. Therefore, buyers should only invest in washable nursery curtains for easy care and maintenance and to avoid spending extra money. Although most nursery curtains can be hand-washed, it is better to purchase ones that can also be machine-washed. Regardless, one should always check the curtains’ care instructions before cleaning them.

Material, Size, and More

Nursery curtains are made using various materials, but synthetic fibres such as polyester are more common as they offer better thermal insulation and block sunlight more efficiently. But it is ultimately your personal preference as the fabric does not make much difference. Similarly, buyers need to choose the nursery curtains’ size based on their requirement and the dimensions of the area/window they wish to cover. Also, it is essential to ensure the nursery curtains are wrinkle-free, fade-resistant, and easy to install. 

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