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Pictures are moments frozen in time. We might not be able to turn the tides of time back, but we can look back on our past and reminisce. Picture frames help us to preserve and display them, and when they are handmade, a more environment-friendly and personalized purchase is made.

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We cannot return to our first day in school, our last day in college, the day we married the love of our lives, and other precious events. Hence, we photograph them. We preserve them, look at them and wistfully relive the moments. We choose our favorites and frame them. And if the frame is handmade, it feels more valuable. It is not a mass-produced product anymore; it is the work of an artist. It is better for the environment as well. Handmade frames are more sustainable and utilize fewer resources. A few factors should be kept in mind while purchasing handmade picture frames.

On the wall or desk?

Where do you plan to place your photo frame? On your working desk? Or will it adorn the walls of your living room? Perhaps you haven’t decided yet. It is important to check what options for display it comes with. Several have an easel attached. Such frames can stand on surfaces. Sometimes a hook or a fancy ribbon is attached so that you can hang it. Some even have magnets or double-sided tape at the back! Many frames offer both.

What is it made of?

Whether you choose to hang it on the wall or keep it on the table, the weight of the frame plays a big role. If the frame is heavy and its easel or hook flimsy, it will not last long. Attention needs to be paid to the material with which the frame was made. Is it resin, leather, iron, wood, something else? Is it light enough? The material used will determine the frame’s durability too. 

Size of the frame

Measurement of the frame is a significant feature that might get overlooked. A few factors need to be considered. If we want a discrete one for our desk at the office, we should look for a smaller frame, in contrast to the frame we might want if we want to hang it in the living room for everyone to see. The size of the picture is to be considered as well - larger frames to accommodate bigger photographs and vice versa. Or maybe you want to buy a larger-sized frame and attach a couple or more small photos to it?

Want something written on it?

Maybe the frame is a gift for your mother and you want to express your appreciation through an engraving on the frame. Some artists offer to engrave your customized messages. Numerous don't. A few come with pre-written messages; others don't offer any space for writing. Therefore, for whom you are buying the frame and why need to be kept in mind.

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