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Rugs and carpets are the best things to keep in your nursery and make it a comfortable play area. Decorating your nursery with some unique, stylish rugs will give the room a decent look. But finding the best nursery carpets and rugs will require critical thinking over various perspectives.

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Nursery Rugs & Carpets Buying Guide

A nursery might be a small room in your house, but it requires premium quality rugs and carpets that go with the furniture. Having a high-quality cover on the floor of your nursery will minimise the noise from the creaking wooden floor. Carpets are soft and ensure a warm, comfortable surface for your baby to play on all day long. Your room will need the best rugs so that the baby can enjoy their time in there. But rugs offered by a plethora of brands might confuse you as to which one is best. To select the perfect one for your nursery, you have to keep in mind some essential factors.    

The material used to make the carpet 

Nursery carpets and rugs usually have cotton or polyester material. A cotton rug provides a softer surface than other fabrics. On the other hand, polyester-made rugs or carpets are cheap and do not demand much effort in cleaning. While both these rugs are excellent choices, a woollen rug can also give your nursery a unique design. This fabric will create a warm and cosy surface, allowing your children to play even during cold weather situations.  

Easy to clean

Children while playing in the nursery will probably mess up the carpets. Rugs and carpets demand regular and proper cleaning with utmost care. Make sure the carpet you purchase is easy to clean, even with spots and stains. Some brands even offer rugs that you can wash in a washing machine. These nursery rugs and carpets can save your time, and cleansing them in the machine will be more efficient.  

Designs and patterns 

When it comes to designs and patterns of rugs and carpets, you can look for a unique, attractive carpet that complements the ambience of the nursery. The layout of your rugs and carpets will add to the room's aesthetics and match its theme. Some rugs have alphabets printed on them so that your baby can play and learn simultaneously. Many carpets even have animals, cartoons, and games printed on them to add extra fun to your child's playtime.  

Size of the rug 

Whether you need large-size rugs and carpets or small ones depends on the size of your nursery. Before buying a floor mat, you have to measure the dimensions of the room to determine what size rugs and carpets you should buy. Just make sure that the carpet or rug your purchase covers a large portion of the floor, giving your children more space to play comfortably. 

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