Top 12 Nursery Shelves

Building-up a nursery is an essential part of parenting. Before considering anything, examine the amount of space you have and what style will most suit your room. Shelves are a smart way to keep valuable items out of their careless reach. Ensure that they have a child friendly, smooth edge finish. Select a shelf in agreement with the child’s height.

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Nursery Shelves Buying Guide

Shelves are a possible way of using blank wall space for holding any decorative or functional item. They come in a wide variety of size and material.

Modern and versatile Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be used for showcasing books; they are available in various shapes and shades. Popular floating cloud shelves can be used to match a corresponding theme. These shelves use longer tube-like brackets that can be mounted on the wall. When mounted correctly, give a floating look. They are designed to sit away from the wall and give a shadow behind the back that produces a floating impression. Floating cubes can even carry consoles and receivers.

Experiment with different shapes

Round shelves look crafty and stand apart from other furniture in the house. They are perfect for displaying small articles. Round shelves often have a rung to hang some articles so you can utilize them to the fullest. Cubic shelves can be stack on over the other, mainly used for storing books and toys. These blocks require no instalment at all.

Fixed or built-in shelves?

Fixed brackets are the most common and easy to install. They use an L-shaped bracket that can be attached to the wall. The rack can be laid on the top. Build-in shelves are attached to the sidewall with support screws. In adjustable slotted shelves, brackets are inserted into the track hole. Thus they come with an adjustable height feature; slot the bracket into a different hole.

Settle with the most promising material

Chipboard shelves made of glued wood are the most affordable and can be easily damaged by water. They can be found in different densities. MDF is manufactured from lots of wood fibre bonded under high pressure. They are easy to paint and clean. MDF have great strength for heavy décor. Plywood is a popular furniture option. However, they are expensive than other material but will last longer and can bear almost any weight.

Bamboo and Wood shelves

Bamboo shelves are stand-out if they give a boho vibe and natural warmth. They can be blend in any environment. Wood needs varnishing for protection against insects and rodents.  Oak, pine and walnut are the most common wood material. They last for decades. For a contemporary and modern look, an acrylic shelf is the best. They give a glasslike appearance but are more sturdy, durable and lightweight.