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Toddlers and young kids have various physical and emotional needs. Children require their stuff handy for quick access from an unexpected need for nappies to a craving for a quick fairytale read. Nursery storage is the most significant helping hand for parents as their belongings can be easily organised and stored in them. These storage spaces come in many types catering to different purposes.

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Nursery Storage Buying Guide

Besides the inevitable use at home, storage spaces are unavoidable when it comes to nurseries or preschools, as many kids come together. Kids bring their lunch, bags, umbrellas, shoes, toys, books and a lot more, that it becomes a crucial task to arrange everyone's possessions separately and neatly.

Tiered storage units

Tiered storage units with adjustable drawers or boxes keep the books, toys and shoes of the kids neatly. Each tier or package has ample space to keep one category of item that makes it easily identifiable by the tiny little explorers. Such storage spaces with divisions also encourage the child to develop organisational behaviour early on. They understand that each thing needs to be placed separately for hassle-free access next time. Typically made of toxin-free plastic or high-grade MDF, these ergonomic furniture pieces come in an easy assembly format requiring no additional tools.

Cosy hammocks for plush toys

Plush toys might be your little princess or prince's favourite friends to play with. Indeed, they are cute and cosy and need all the affection your child deserves. Small hammocks that can be set up in the bedroom can carry the enormous bundle of plush toys your child adores. The hammocks provide a comfortable place for the plush toys by keeping their fluff unaltered. If put together in a small box or shelf, these countless stuffed toys jam each other, which takes away their cloudy fluff. But in a stretchable hammock, they swing and stay intact.

The good old baskets and hampers

Baskets and hampers with ample room have always been used as storage spaces for little kids. They can contain nappies, towels, wipes, books, toys, and other playtime materials. There is a pool of baskets and hampers in the market with different designs and styles to fit the different purposes. Large, firm caddies with many rooms divided with padded walls can hold many items and can be used while going for a picnic to fit everything your child needs. Collapsible designs made of environment-friendly, non-toxic and tear-resistant materials are generally preferred.