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Outdoor fireplaces are a great place to spend quality time with family & friends. You can bond over the warmth, excellent food & wonderful nostalgia. These fireplaces can be included in the home decor as well. They are also a perfect idea for a romantic evening. Some pointers need to be considered while getting an outdoor fireplace for your garden or terrace.

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Outdoor Fireplaces Buying Guide

Outdoor fireplaces are offered in a wide range of designs & shapes. You can select the one which fits well for your backyard. There are portable models available, which can be an ideal option for renters. To keep your beverages & food, you may consider the ones that have provision to place these things. Many places have local regulations regarding the placement of the firepit for ensuring safety. Hence, it is recommended to be mindful of these standards to avoid any trespassing.If you prefer to get, warmth starting from your seat, then go for the ones with a lower height.

Smoke & ash-free varieties

If you are concerned about the flames produced from the woods & prefer a smoke-free option, you can go for the ones that run on other fuels. You can also add a touch of vanity to your garden by introducing stylish fireplaces that have modern design & are made of durable metals. These variants create a balmy light across your garden pond & can work as a perfect decoration option for outdoor parties. Since these pieces are portable, you can use them as a part of your home decor, especially in the rainy seasons.

The ones that support BBQ's

During these pandemic situations, when there are many travel restrictions & outdoor camps or picnics cannot be arranged, you can go for the outdoor fireplaces, which also work well for BBQs. Hence, you can call up your close friends & family for a quiet dinner & also enjoy the fire warmth. These variants have foldable legs & thus, carrying them onto the rooftop is also easy. Therefore, you can host a rooftop get-together. Such activities add a lot of joy & happiness, which is essential in these gloomy times. You can also watch the sunset with your partner alongside the fireplace.

Consider the aesthetic & safety quotient

Minding the aesthetics is also crucial, especially when you are hosting guests. Thus, there are packets available that need to be added to the fire to produce colourful flames. These products will add a lot of visual appeal to your outdoor fireplace & make up for a magical evening experience. Your kids will also love these fun colours. When dealing with fire, one needs to ensure proper precaution. Therefore, emergency blankets can be kept handy in case of any mishaps or small fires.

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