Top 12 Outdoor Fountains

Outdoor fountains can give a more sophisticated and relaxing look to your garden. Placing fountains outdoors creates a serene, aesthetic, romantic atmosphere in your garden. The fountains are not as expensive as they seem. They are available at affordable rates in different shapes and sizes.

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Outdoor Fountains Buying Guide

Before buying an outdoor fountain, the buyer should ensure that the fountain's place should have access to the continuous water supply. After fixing the position, quality, shape, and price of the fountain come next. This post might help people who want to purchase a beautiful outdoor fountain.

How do outdoor fountains work?

The fountain pumps out water from a reservoir. The reservoir holds water while the water pump pumps out the water. The water pumped out is collected in a basin that lets the water go back to the reservoir through tubes. The process is repeated repeatedly, and this is the basic working of most water fountains.

Outdoor fountain designs

The outdoor fountains are available in wooden, bamboo, graphite, resin etc. The design also matters when it comes to choosing fountains. The background should be reflected in the design. Outdoor fountains can be found in gardens, entrances, and balconies. There are also wall-mounted options. The fountains splatter water all over the surrounding area. The purchaser can select the fountain based on the amount of splash. Fountains with bubble splash, cascade down splash don't splash water around the surroundings and also causes minimal noise compared to traditional fountains.

Water fountains should be placed in open areas

Water fountains should be placed near water sources where they can get refilled easily. Since it is placed outdoors, leaves and flowers can be seen falling on the unavoidable fountains. Still, it is advised to place the fountains farther from trees. Taller fountains welcome birds and other little animals.

Solar outdoor fountains

Outdoor fountains need not use electricity as their only power source. Fountains that operate solely on solar power is also available. The solar-powered fountains are made of Photovoltaic cells, which converts the solar energy into power needed to operate the fountain. Solar fountains are a great alternative to standard fountains. Some solar fountains come with battery-powered backup, while some solely uses solar energy.

Taking care of outdoor fountains

Make sure the fountain never run out of water supply. Pumps are prone to damage if not in use for a long time. Before winter, drain the water from the pipe and cover the fountains securely. Doing so prevents ice from damaging the fountains. Clean the outdoor fountains regularly to avoid dirt from clogging the pumps.