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An outdoor tap is right only if it can endure a high amount of pressure and extreme weather that too for a considerable period. It provides a convenient water source for outdoor purposes such as washing cars, watering the garden, and if you are a professional farmer, it can serve unbound services.

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Outdoor taps differ from other taps in the sense that they are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. They are expected to work for years, even after tolerating chilling frost and high degrees of temperatures. A tap treated with Anti-lime polymer has more promised lifespan even in hard water.

Types of taps

In standard taps, the cock has a slight bend nozzle. The outlets are either angled or bend. Bib taps have a downwards directed outlet. Unlike standard taps, bib taps have a horizontal nozzle and inlet. They are further found in two forms: the long body bibcock has a more extended nozzle that creates additional space between the outlet and channel fixtures. The second form is a two-way bibcock or duo outlet outdoor taps.

Double outlet taps

Double outlet taps can split water into two outputs from a single input source. With these taps, you get two individual water sources without installing an additional water supply pipe. For convenience, choose a duo output tap with an independent lever. It can be found in two combinations of outlets: 2 hose connection or one hose and one sprinkler timer connection.

British Standard sizes

In the UK British Standard Pipe standard (BSP) provides a convenient way of measuring tap threads. The thread diameter suggested by BSP represents the internal diameter of the connecting pipe;

The tap’s outlet diameter may be irrelevant to measure, yet they can be taken under consideration for more precise measurement.

Select precise sizes for effortless fitting

A ¾″ BSP is the most standard size. It has approximately 1″ or 7/8″ outlet diameter. They can be employed for medium to high duty watering purpose in farms, gardens and horticulture. A 1″ BSP tap with approximately 10/3″ of outlet diameter is employed in fields requiring very high volumes of water. Before shifting to a ¾″ BSP, ½″ BSP tap was the standard. The tap has around 4/5″ of outlet diameter. A 5/8″ BSP tap is very rarely used and needs modification in standard installations for a perfect fitting.

Tap pressure and material

Standing taps have to withstand higher pressure than gravity-fed taps. Thus, a capable outdoor tap must tolerate a maximum static pressure of 10 bars, which is the most standard pressure in outdoor taps. A forged brass tap has no potential competitor in terms of durability and strength. Brass tap with smooth chrome finishing is an obvious choice for garden taps.

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