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Whether you are moving your furniture to a new house or mailing some delicate China dishes to a family member or friend, the items' safety takes priority over anything else. Proper packaging is essential to prevent your valuables from breaking or getting damaged – and a convenient solution for this is packaging foam. Everything from glasses and plates to expensive vases and paintings can be quickly wrapped in packaging foam while also giving you peace of mind.

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Packaging Foam Buying Guide

Many people prefer using bubble wrap instead of packaging foam, but the latter is a better choice because it is far more lightweight, occupies less space, and can absorb impact, vibration, and shock well. Besides transport, one can use the foam to pack any household items that are not being used, like Christmas ornaments. Packaging foam is also widely as a form of insulation and by the construction industry as an underlay for carpets & floorings. However, there are some specifications one should keep in mind before buying packaging foam.

Are Foam Cubes Different?

When buying packaging foam, buyers will come across foam sheets that look similar to wrapping paper and foam cubes – which are slightly different. Standard packaging foam is used to pack anything from valuables and collectables to crockery, mainly during transportation. On the other hand, foam cubes are customisable and better suited for industrial use as they can be cut & designed to hold any shape. Cubes are also used by businesses to present their merchandise better while offering extra support and protection. However, foam cubes can be placed as a surface protector in packaging boxes.

Go with High-Quality & Pre-Cut Packaging Foam

It is vital to buy premium quality packaging foam to ensure that your fragile items stay in the perfect condition during and after transportation, shipping, or mailing. The foam should be soft and non-stiff as not to damage polished surfaces and for easy wrapping. It must absorb shock, vibration, and prevent scratches & dings. A buyer should go for pre-cut packaging foam sheets to save time and effort. Some brands offer readymade foam pouches that can store any item or valuable and makes packaging much faster, easier, and hassle-free.

Size, Thickness, and Reusability

Whether you buy packaging foam sheets, rolls, pouches, or even customisable foam cubes, it is best to check the size beforehand to determine if it will fit your items and avoid shortage. One must also consider the packaging foam's thickness, and although more thickness offers better protection, it may consume more space than usual. Ensuring the foam is lightweight but resistant and durable is also essential. Lastly, buyers should buy reusable packaging foam to save money and the environment.