Top 12 Padded Envelope Mailers

An envelope is a form of packaging widely used for shipping items. According to studies, tiny packages are tossed, dropped, and handled multiple times in shipment. A padded envelope mailer is an excellent option if you are trying to ship something fragile.

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Padded Envelope Mailers Buying Guide

Without cushioning, objects can fall-off or slip in the freight process, mostly resulting in beyond repair damage. Putting your items in a sealed cushioned envelope is much more secured. This comprehensive guide aims to answer all your questions about padded envelopes.

The difference; Padded envelope, a bubble mailer, and a poly bubble mailer

These terms are used interchangeably, but there is a vast difference between the three. A padded manila envelope, which is more commonly known as a padded envelope, is manufactured of robust and durable material, reinforced with foam or additional paper inside. On the other hand, bubble mailers are secured with an extra bubble sheet inside, which keeps the breakable items safe. Remember, larger bubbles keep your package safer than the smaller bubbles. Poly mailers have absolutely zero paper on the outside. On the contrary, they are made of Bubble Wrap and complete plastic. You will get more colour options and better protection for the item with this type of envelope.

Choosing the right envelope, based on several factors.

Make sure your envelopes are self-adhering and stay closed despite tampering. The other thing to ponder about while choosing the right envelope for mailing is the envelope's material. Envelopes are either made from plastic or paper. Although padded envelopes are manufactured with thick paper, they are not waterproof. Bubble mailers are secured with Bubble Wrap from inside. Poly bubble mailers have waterproof packaging as they are fully plastic. Before choosing the envelope, consider what you are shipping and how delicate it is. If it can get wet, go for the plastic option.

Do you want your envelopes to be colourful?

If you prefer something stylish, poly bubble mailers come in all sorts of colours. You can customise your bubble mailer as you like. Pick something in subtle colours or paper finish for a more professional look. Before making the purchase, check if you can write on the envelope with ordinary pens. Few envelopes need special pens to write on them.

Critical factor; size

Size is the key factor to consider before choosing the perfect envelope for yourself. The envelope or packet should be ideally bigger than the object or document you are shipping to avoid any damage. Having said that, it should not be too large; otherwise, the items will slip during shipping. Always make sure that the items in the envelope are packed safely. The envelope should neither be too big nor too small.