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Parasols are the big type of umbrellas that are used for shade in sunny areas. These are available in various shapes, sizes, varieties, materials, and more. Like the parasols, parasol bases are also an essential factor for the efficient standing of the parasols. So, how do you buy the right one?

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Parasol Stands & Bases Buying Guide

A good parasol with the right stand and base offers an appropriate shade to people sitting below it. Since they are heavy, the selection of base and stand is a crucial process. If you fail in selecting the right one, you may have the chance of collapsing the parasols.

Material and coating of the stands and bases

The usage of the material is a consideration point when buying a parasol. A similar point applies to the stands and bases too. If your parasol is heavy, you need to have bases that can withstand and hold the parasol's weight without any problem. Generally, the material used in parasols is granite, concrete, and some heavy metals. You can select the one according to your demand, budget, and background themes. Also, look for powder coatings if you buy metal stands and bases to prevent the bases and stands from corrosion.

Size of the stands and bases

When it comes to parasol stands and bases, you have to be clear about the size, weight, and material, which we have had a discussion about material already. Let's take the size parameter now. The size of the parasol bases and stands must be appropriate to hold the parasol without tripping it. Make sure to buy the most significant size base if you have a heavy and large parasol top. Also, the same principle applies to the pipes too. Don't buy pipes that are too small.

Let us talk about the weight

We have almost discussed every little detail that adds effectiveness to the parasols except the weight parameter. The parasol bases' weight plays a vital role in keeping the parasol in place. If you have a small top in your parasol, you can go for parasol bases with 50kg. On the other hand, if your parasol is big, go for bases with at least 70kg. If you go below that, it might be wrong.

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