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There is a lot that makes up an electronic device or system – and even though all electronics are built differently, two essential components that make up any system/device are active and passive. Talking about passive components – they are called passive because they aren’t capable of amplifying or processing an electric signal. A passive component only receives energy, which is either dispersed, absorbed or stored. However, it is equally important as an active component in any electronic circuit.

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Passive Components Buying Guide

Passive components can be further classified into four types – resistors, capacitors, transformers, and inductors. Out of the four, the first three are most commonly used, and all have different functions. All types of passive components are used in combination with each other on an integrated circuit, which although itself an electronic component – is an essential part of many devices, including mobile phones. However, depending on the passive component’s sub-type, there are specific properties to look for.

Key Features of a Resistor Set

Resistors use an opposing force against the current flow, and that force is called resistance, which is measured in ohms. The resistance level can vary according to the requirement, and buying a kit that displays the value on each bundle/set of resistors can save both time and effort. A colour-coded guide can be all the more useful, especially for beginners. However, the resistor kit must also have high-quality construction and excellent compatibility.

Do You Need an Entire Capacitor Kit?

You can either buy a single-piece capacitor or a set of five/ten or even a complete assortment kit. Similar to resistors, capacitors also come in different values, measured in farads(F). If you need to purchase a capacitor for one-time use, buying just one is more suitable, but it is essential to choose the correct size. However, if you require capacitors for an extensive project, going with an assortment kit is better. But buyers must ensure they offer reliable performance, wide capacitance, and wide applications.

Choose A Good Ferrite Ring

Ferrite rings are widely used passive components that act as a noise-suppressor in high-frequency electronic circuits. No matter which system you use it for, the ferrite ring must be high-quality and well-made. It should also be easy to install, and buyers should go for a clip-on design as it is easy to mount on cables. The ring’s size must be selected after proper measurements and if you are not too sure, going with a variety pack is best.

Characteristics of a Voltage Regulator

A voltage regulator falls under the transformer category of passive components increases or decreases voltage levels in an electronic circuit. If you buy a regulator, checking the maximum input & output voltage is the first step. Secondly, the voltage regulator must be easy to use, and setup and have broad application. Lastly, buyers must consider its construction and heat dissipation.