Top 12 PC Virtual Reality Headsets

Experience is a language that speaks volumes. An immersive and rich experience alters the way one perceives reality. A virtual reality unit is a headset that comes with a display and headphones attached. Virtual reality is one of the best instruments to immerse into the experience.

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PC Virtual Reality Headsets Buying Guide

A VR headset displays the graphics and produces the audio while the powerhouse running is the PC. A VR headset needs to be connected to a PC to run the games and simulate the experience. However, due to the abundance of games in the market and different hardware compatibility, there exist multiple variants that each offer unique benefits. Therefore, this guide will assist the buyer in masterfully shortlisting their choices.

Choosing From The Different Types Of VR Headsets

The market for Virtual Reality headsets is massive. Hence, many variations of the product exist. The variants of the headsets are differentiated based on the ports and storage options. For example, a VR headset may come with a built-in audio jack and 64GB of storage. The buyer can study the variants and choose the one they find the most suitable. Further, VR headsets can be separated by their mode of operation, i.e. if they're dependent on a PC or run independently. 

A Specs Based Approach

Even though VR headsets are a wonderful source for an immersive experience, their performance solely depends on the specifications. A VR headset's specs depend on the functionality that they offer or the graphics they produce. If the buyer is buying an All-in-one VR headset, they should consider a higher specification model for running smoothly. A standard game's lifecycle includes multiple updates and developments which demand horsepower from the headset. The buyer should also consider purchasing a higher storage variant for future-proofing the headset. 

Shortlisting VR headsets Depending On The Games 

Similar to other consoles, the VR headset is also bound to be outdated one day. The console industry shifts quick, and this could be due to the demand of the public. This directly influences the gaming titles being compatible with a console. Thus, the buyer must buy a relatively newer headset for ensuring updates and future support for games.