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Colouring one's hair is just one of the few things anyone would have thought about once, if not consider it. Young people are inclined towards hair colouring because it a cool funky thing to do, while the elderly do it mostly to cover the greys. Regardless of your reason, colouring your hair can enhance your appearance, gives you confidence in a new-found look, and ultimately, is very stylish! This guide will help you make informed choices if you are considering colouring your hair.

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"Won't you regret if you permanently colour your hair?"- most people who opt for permanent hair colours hear on a daily basis. But the interrogators fail to understand is that nobody can change your natural hair colour at the root level. Thus, even if you regret your hair colour(which won't happen if you read this whole article), your hair will grow to the level where you can cut it to a beautiful style in a few months. Not to mention, permanent hair colour stays the same, only up to a year at the max; yeah, the name fools you.

Why choose permanent hair colouring?

So, turns out most permanent hair colour will start to fade after a few months of application. And of course, your hair is going to keep growing if you are healthy. So what's the actual deal? What really is permanent hair colouring? Temporary hair colours could fade within days and be gone in weeks. There are even hair colours that go once you shampoo and rinse the hair. Meanwhile, permanent hair colour is deeply penetrated to the hair shaft that it stays for a long time. Thus, by permanent colouring dyes, people basically choose a long-lasting effect.

What colour to choose?

It is easy for someone to say they want XYZ colour in ABC tone and shade. However, if you consult a hairstylist, you must know that picking the right hair colour is no piece of cake. Your complexion, skin undertone, and natural hair colour are deciding factors for choosing the hair colour, especially since you are colouring for long durations. It won't be too difficult to recognise your complexion- it can be dark, dusky or fair and everything in between. The fairer the skin, the lighter the hair colour, and vice versa.

The easiest way to learn your skin undertone is to check your wrist under natural sunlight. If the veins appear blue, you have a cool skin undertone, green= warm undertone, and if it is hard to make out, you might have an olive skin undertone. Your stylist can show you the range of shades in each colour you can pull off depending on the undertone. If you have black or dark shaded natural hair colour, bleaching is required before colouring the hair.

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