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Whether an amateur or professional, no guitar player can do without a plectrum – more commonly known as picks. Sure, you can just as easily use your fingers, but that doesn’t always give the best results, and it can hurt – especially during long performances or practice sessions. Moreover, guitar picks can significantly improve the sound quality by giving you much brighter, rich, and consistent tones, which can be slightly harder to achieve when playing the instrument by hand. However, using plectrums is a personal choice, and there isn’t a straightforward answer on whether you really need one.

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Picks Buying Guide

Picks (or plectrums) can make the perfect present for anyone who loves to play the guitar, be it family or friends. Better yet, there are countless options for buyers to choose from, as guitar picks aren’t as boring & simple as they used to be. Although picks can be used to play other instruments such as the Ukulele or Banjo, you should always check the plectrum’s compatibility beforehand. So, whether you are new to playing the guitar or only looking to replace your old picks – here is everything you need to know.

Which Type of Guitar Pick to Select?

Although all guitar picks look the same, there are a few variations, and buyers should choose the right one. The most common is the standard plectrum which works with almost all guitars, and then you have three more types – light, medium, and heavy. The distinction between the three is pretty simple as light plectrums deliver crisp & thin tones and heavy picks produce mellow but warm tunes. Medium picks lie somewhere in between and are excellent for beginners. However, if you have no idea about the plectrum that’ll work for you, it is better to purchase multi-packs and figure it out as you go.

Good Quality is Prime

The same amount of effort you put into choosing guitars should go into selecting picks/plectrums, and an essential factor is quality. Guitar picks are made with all kinds of materials, but plastics such as celluloid and nylon are more common as they protect your beloved instrument from scratches – and your fingers from hurting. Regardless, buyers should ensure the plectrums are durable, lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable. Similarly, a pick must provide high-performance flexibility for every player and have a smooth striking surface for the best results.

Some More to Ponder Over

If you are buying an assorted or multi-pack of guitar picks, it is vital to choose one with two separate plectrums for the index finger and thumb (in addition to regular picks) to meet all your musical needs. Similarly, some guitar picks come with bonus accessories such as tuners and plectrum holders – something buyers can consider if preferred. However, one should ensure the picks come in high-quality cases or boxes that make it easier to store & carry the plectrums without taking too much space.