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As a pilot, one spends so much time packing, unpacking, and hauling in their cases through the busy terminals of airports regularly. Such frequent use of their cases makes them prone to wear and tear quite easily. Hence, there are numerous factors one needs to consider to select the right flight case for their trips.

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Pilot's Cases Buying Guide

A pilot’s job is quite significant as well as hectic at the same time. Since a pilot has to travel a lot, he/she has to be aware of numerous elements while choosing which bag to purchase. When it comes to pilot cases, a good combination of functionality and durability is the most popular choice among buyers. The following buying guide’s objective is to provide an all-inclusive approach for finding the best flight case from the huge expanse of available products.

The Most Crucial Factors: Size And Weight

The size of a pilot case depends mainly on the personal needs of a pilot. If you’re flying light, a small flight bag will be perfect for the job. When flying with multiple books, headsets, or documents, one needs to ensure enough space for the items. Larger models can also have interior dividers to create more compartments for the items. One can also find specially-designed laptop spaces in a few flight case models. As the size of the bag varies, its weight will also increase with the model.

Material Quality Of The Pilot Case

The next essential factor a buyer must consider is the material quality of the flight case. Since the material has a huge impact on the sturdiness and durability of the bag, it is quite vital to choose the right one. Traditional flight cases use leather in their construction, which offers one of the sturdiest protection for the items. A flight case made of nylon or polyester is less expensive than the leather counterparts but offers decent protection. One can also find wheel trolleys in such flight cases that offer optimum convenience and less damage.

Compartmentalised Features Of A Pilot’s Case

The design of professional flight cases is quite exquisite to cater to the various requirements of a pilot. For higher functionality and storage of items like chartbooks, radios, headsets, emergency clothes, etc., a flight case needs to have a proper space system. The bag’s compartmentalisation helps to create a neatly-arranged system for storing items, making it easier to find them when required.