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Leaving pins anywhere can cause injuries to people around. Pin holders act as a blessing that allows us to keep all our needles together at the same place. It is not very complicated to buy a pincushion, but having prior knowledge will let you select the best. This guide will make your pin holder buying experience hassle-free.

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Pincushions Buying Guide

Pin holders is a small tool that can hold around 10-20 pins. It is convenient to use in salons where the hairstylist needs to use many pins hairstyling. It is handy in the tailoring industry where tailors need to switch the needles repeatedly. It is an essential tool for those who use pins daily.

Variants Available In The Market

These pin holders are one of those tools where the designers get to show their creativity. Because of creativity’s diverse nature, we have many options to choose the best one for us. They come in magnetic wrist band designs where the pin sticks to the surface due to the attractive force. Cushion designs are also famous as they have a good hold. Handmade artists also sell pin holders made up of walnut. There are also some boxed-shaped plastic needle holders available in the market.

Magnet vs Cushion

Both magnets and cushions have their speciality. It is easy to pluck the pin from a magnetic pin holder as it is on the top, but they’re deep inside the cushion. Similarly, the cushioned pin holders are safer because the pin’s pointed side is inside, but you can scratch someone with a magnetic pin holder. You can pick this based on your personal preference. Other than these two the pin holder made using walnut is said to have sound effects on the pin because of the natural oils present in the shell.

Other Factors To Consider

The hold of the magnetic pin holder should be tight to prevent the pins from falling. If you want a cushioned pin holder, make sure the filling is dense, so the needle does not come out from the opposite side. Choose the pincushion that has a flexible silicone band. If you decide to go with the plastic pin holder box, make sure it’s soft from the inside so that the pin doesn’t lose its sharp point.

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