Top 12 Pipe Fitting Clamps

Pipe clamps are a valuable tool used in households and industries for several uses. They act as a supportive device for pipes and guarantee all pipes are fixed firmly while also permitting for any extension or pipe movement that may take place.

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Pipe Fitting Clamps Buying Guide

It is vital to get pipe fixing right to avoid damage to a building. Wrong pipe fixing can cause costly damage to your facility. This comprehensive buying guide will help you choose the right one from a wide variety, based on your needs and preferences.  

The place of installation and other factors

While selecting the best fixings, the environment of installation and requirements related to application should be considered. The temperature change can cause expansion and contraction of pipes resulting in damage to the building. Therefore, suitable clamps and fixing are essential. You should always keep in mind the environment in which you intend to install the pipe clamp as it will influence the type of clamp you purchase. If the pipe clamp is installed outside, it will need a special coating to resist corrosion. If the installation is in a wet environment, a special kind of plastic clamp is suitable.

Classification based on construction

A pipe clamp is used to attach, support and stop pipes and other items. The first thing to ponder about while purchasing the ideal pipe clamp is its intended use.  Pipes built from different materials will have different resistance to temperature and chemicals. Each pipe will react differently in specific situations. Moreover, the pipe's size will influence the clamp's size. Each clamp has a minimum and maximum diameter. The other thing to keep in mind is the maximum load-bearing capacity of the pipe clamp. Clamps must be able to bear the high working load to keep the pipes secured.

Comfort is also essential!

Unfortunately, comfort is the last thing on a person's mind who plans to buy a pipe clamp. Experts have always maintained that a clamp should be comfortable to use for better output. The design of the clamp should allow you to work painlessly. While comfort is important, one cannot sacrifice the strength of the tool. Hence, it is advisable to strike a balance between power and comfort. Similarly, if you want a pipe clamp for small projects, small pipe clamps are ideal. On the other hand, for bigger projects, larger braces are more suitable.

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