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From bringing water to the taps at our homes to the use in factories with complex machinery, pipelines are central to the proper functioning of many tasks in our daily lives. In pipe fittings, the nifty tools called unions have a vital role to play. This guide will introduce you to these critical tools and help you do the right purchase catering to your needs.

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Pipe Fitting Unions Buying Guide

As the name suggests, a pipe fitting union unites two pipes that can be easily detached in the future. Assembly and disassembly of many piping connections with small diameters are made possible by pipe unions. Pipe unions come as parts that can be manually joined together with the help of tools and soldering or as unions that can be directly used with pipes. There is no huge difference between the price of the two, and the latter option saves your time and energy.

The uses of pipe unions

Pipe unions are essential equipment for any industry that requires pipeline, be it automobile, industrial or commercial appliances. Apart from their primary use of joining two pipes together, they can connect pipes to vessels and containers. They can be used to insert metering and regulate devices into plumping set-ups and offer a leak-proof pipe disconnection point.

How to make the purchase?

Many aspects need to be looked at before deciding on a pipe union for your pipe fitting. The size, i.e., the union's compatibility with your pipe concerning its diameter, is crucial. It goes without saying that they should be easily installable. The durability of the union must also be ensured to prevent any leaks and hazards.The type of union you choose depends on your specific use and needs. They are mostly related to the gender of the fitting, whether it has two male ends or just one with a female end on the other side. The most pine union common categories include tees, valves, flanges etc. The tee union is T-shaped that is used to join a pipe at a right angle, while the valve union is used to regulate the flow of the liquid or gas within the pipe.

The role of materials

A wide variety of metals such as stainless steel, nickel, cast iron, aluminium, copper etc. and other materials like plastic and rubber are used to make pipe unions. Forged metals are generally preferred to cast. These materials determine the various properties of the unions. Anti-burst and corrosion, temperature, and pressure resistance are critical features that many unions would require concerning the type of fluid that passes through the pipe.

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