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Weaning your baby and getting them used to regular food is hard. Buying the proper placemat for your child will make the process less stressful. Getting the cutest, most colourful one you spot is not the way to go. We need to consider several factors while purchasing the perfect placemat for our kids.

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Placemats for Babies Buying Guide

Weaning a baby and teaching them to self-feed is tough. There's a lot of crying, resistance, and of course, the baby simply tipping the plate over when they feel like it. Buying the correct placemat could make lunchtime less daunting for you and more comfortable for the child.

What is it made of?

The placemat must be free from toxic substances; it is to be used by a child, and you want to take no risks with their health. Several brands declare that their placemats are made of safe materials and contain no BPA, lead, PVC, phthalate, and other harmful elements.  Check if they are made of materials approved by health authorities like the MHRA. You can opt for eco-friendly options too. 

Will it fit the tray?

Check the size of the placemat. Table or high chair, you want the placemat to fit. If you have opted for high chair feeding, the placemat must fit into the tray. Some placemats are manufactured for high chairs of specific brands to guarantee the perfect, absolute fit.

Suction to avoid a mess

Children tipping over plates and parents cleaning up the mess – it's a tale as old as time. Avoid it by purchasing a plate that will hold on to the surface tightly and stay put. Suction cups are a popular option. Many brands sell placemats with many suction cups attached. The kids will have a hard time tipping them over. Some surfaces like unfinished wood might pose a problem, so keep that in mind.

Travelling with kids and placemats

Having a portable placemat helps when you are travelling or eating out with your child. The size of the placemat is again important; a smaller, compact sized and lightweight one will be easier to pack up, carry and use. Some placemats can be folded along the sides.

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