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Gardening involves a lot of effort and patience. You have to maintain plants properly with sufficient water, soil, air, space, sunlight, and fertilisers. The first and foremost consideration in gardening is buying the proper and right seeds or bulb, which will be discussed in this guide.

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Plant Bulbs Buying Guide

For any plant to grow healthy and prosperous, the key lies in its seeds or bulbs. A healthy bulb for flowers has specific criteria to choose from. If you are only beginning to garden, you will not know what to look for when purchasing a plant bulb. But don't worry! We are here to help you.

The appearance and the weight

Sometimes you have to consider your bulb by the appearance and the weight. The more you pay attention to these details, the less you will worry after buying your plant bulbs. First, look at the bulb's tunics, the bulbs' outer surface that traps moisture inside. If your bulb is without a tunic, make sure it is healthy enough to be bought, or if it has tunics, you are good to go with it. The second factor is the weight of the bulbs. If the bulbs are too light, they are probably dried and won't grow as you wish. So, examine the bulbs closely before purchasing.

The size of the bulbs

When it comes to plant bulbs, especially flower bulbs, you have to examine the bulbs' size before purchasing. It is to ensure you don't buy the wrong sized plant for your field. There is a term called 'top size 'to determine the flower's size after it grows. A medium-size will have medium-sized flowers and large ones the same way. But remember, big size tops are not always the healthiest choice as they can be too heavy for some plants. So, make your calculations before buying. 

Check the surface closely

After you decide on parameters like the size and weight, also look at characteristics like blemishes. If you see any blemishes, browning, and sheds in the tip area, do not buy them as they would indicate dried or rot bulbs. If you find any soft or squishy regions of the bulbs, it is best to avoid them as they would have chances of rotting and not growing healthily.