Top 12 Plastic Raw Materials

Whether you are into DIY, art & craft, or even model making – gathering the necessary materials is always on top of the list. More often than not, we tend to purchase plastic over metal and iron alloys as it is much easier to work with. Better yet, plastic has several advantages, including versatility, durability, chemical resistance, excellent thermal & insulation properties, and most importantly – low cost and maintenance. So, plastic raw materials are a perfect fit for several applications, including professional and domestic use.

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Plastic Raw Materials Buying Guide

As far as plastic raw materials are concerned, there are numerous choices, and the classification is mainly based on the shape or form such as sheets, rods, and panels. But just like metals, even plastic has many sub-categories or types – out of which acrylic and polythene are the most common and widely used. However, buying plastic raw materials requires some deliberation, and this buying guide will explain everything one must consider.

What to Look for in Plastic Panels/Boards?

An acrylic round panel/plate can be used as a base for LED lights, paintings, display signs, and other craft projects. However, buyers should make sure the board is made with high-quality, durable, clear, and thick acrylic (or plexiglass) with smooth edges. Additionally, it must have peel-off protective films on both sides for extra protection until used. The panel’s surface should be suitable for painting and calligraphy, primarily if it is used for art & craft and must be easy to clean with water or wet wipes. Another thing a buyer needs to consider is the acrylic board’s size based on their preference.

Plastic Sheets Vs Sheeting

When buying plastic raw materials, buyers will come across both sheets and sheeting, and it is essential to remember both are different. Sheets are typically made of acrylic and resemble glass and can be used for anything from DIY projects to repairs around the house. But excellent impact resistance, durability, and surface hardness should always be considered. On the other hand, plastic sheeting generally has a polythene construction and is used as a protective shielding for garden furniture, plants, and building applications. However, buyers need to ensure the sheeting is high-quality, waterproof, and has a long service life. 

Key Characteristics of Plastic Rods

Out of all the plastic raw materials, acrylic rods have a wide range of applications – including architecture, model making, handicraft, and they are an excellent glass substitute. Plastic rods should be high-density, lightweight and have exceptional weather resistance, high chemical resistance, rigidity, tensile strength, clarity, versatility, and wear resistance. Moreover, the rod must be easy to machine and polish with outstanding processing parameters. Buyers also need to consider the plastic rod’s size in diameter and length based on their requirement.