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Loading and unloading goods from a warehouse or storage unit to the transport vehicle is not the easiest task and comes with its fair share of risks. In particular, carrying heavy materials can cause injuries, which is why it is better to use platform trucks. A platform truck is similar to a trolley as it has wheels and all you need to do is load the boxes, materials, packages, or any other goods on to it – saving both time and effort.

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Platform Trucks Buying Guide

Whether you own a small-scale business or a large factory and transportation of goods is central to your enterprise, investing in platform trucks can be quite useful. Sure, you still require manual labour to operate a platform truck or trolley, but it speeds up the process – thereby increasing productivity, and eliminates the risk of injuries. Although platform trucks are typically used for loading and unloading in stockrooms, they are also ideal for domestic and office use. But regardless of where you use the platform truck, it is essential to consider some features – that this guide will highlight.

Durable Construction is a Must

Since platform trucks are majorly used to carry/transport goods, buying one with poor construction is not an option. Buyers need to ensure that the platform truck they choose should have a stable and high-hardness steel frame. A powder-coated steel frame is an even better choice as it prevents corrosion and has excellent weather resistance. The truck’s platform must have a non-slip deck to safely transport goods and rubber edges for added protection. The truck’s wheels should have both fixed and swivelling casters for effective manoeuvrability plus stable and smooth wheels.

Load Capacity & Shelf Size  

All platform trucks have a different load capacity, and buyers must select one based on their requirement. The load capacity can range anywhere between 100 kilograms to 350 kilograms, or even more in some cases, but it entirely depends on the purpose at hand. For instance, if you need a platform truck to transport heavy raw materials like iron or steel, the maximum load capacity is more suitable. Similarly, based on the number of goods you want to move around in one go, you need to choose the appropriate shelf size.

Other Features to Look For

It is better to go with foldable platform trucks as it makes the cart portable and easy to store when not in use. The truck’s handle should have a comfortable, anti-slip grip and an adjustable length and angle feature for added flexibility. Parking brakes are an excellent design characteristic that keeps the cart/truck in place while you load and unload. Some platform trucks may require some self-assembly, but it is better to buy a ready to use one.

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