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Play tents are always a favourite among children. It makes them feel like they are grown-ups with their own space; it nurtures their imagination. Get safe and durable play tents for your child by keeping a few factors in mind.

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Play Tents Buying Guide

Children like to mimic their guardians. They see us cooking, cleaning, and looking after the house. They fail to realise how tiring the chores are; to them, our activities look fun. This is why you will often find children playing house. However, it is not always so close to reality. Sometimes, the house of their imagination is replaced with a castle, and they are the kings and queens; sometimes, it's a mansion, and they are some celebrity. No matter what they decide to play out, having a space to claim their own is very exciting to children. Other than being a playground for their imagination, they get to live out their adulthood fantasies as well. As we all know, children are eager to grow up; giving them their own space lets them play it out. A good way to mark out personal space for them is to buy them play tents.

High-quality material

The tent should be made of sturdy material that will withstand children's fights and movements and not get holes or torn easily. It should be resistant to abrasion and be odour-free. It should always be non-toxic. Some tents are made of thickened Oxford fabric; it is a durable option. Check the supporting poles too. Many are made of cotton canvas. PVC poles are lightweight, resilient, and free from toxic elements. Some poles are made from wood like pine which too is free from harmful chemicals.

The capacity of the tent

Get a play tent with lots of space inside; a roomy tent will let your child play to their heart's content. It can accommodate multiple kids at a time too. How 'big' are your kids? How may play in one tent; are there siblings? Get a play tent accordingly. Most tents specify their lengths, breadths, and heights; check if those measurements are sufficient.

Is assembling easy?

Buying a play tent that's easy to assemble has its own benefits. It will save your time and energy, more play-time for the kids, and more scope for you to spend time with them. Get the kids involved in the assembling process if it's simple enough. Most tents will not require any tools. Ensure there are no sharp angles or rough surface. Some play tents are foldable and hence, portable. Some have easy-slot poles that make the process of disassembling more straightforward; they allow you to reduce the height of tents, too, allowing you to carry them.