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It is no news that children are exceptionally imaginative and curious. It leads them to imagine up scenarios and play them out, especially during their formative years, called 'pretend play', which is vital for achieving healthy cognitive development. Play tools help enhance the child's imaginary play by incorporating many life-like objects and tools that require practical operation skills. This guide will help you make the right choice while shopping got play tools for you little one.

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Doctors and psychologists attest from years of research that nothing can match the result pretend play offers. It is crucial in developing children's social and emotional, mechanical, thinking and language skills as they interact with tools and imitate their operation in replicas of real-life situations. There are many pretend play sets available in the market such as doctor's kit, kitchen set etc. that render excellent results. This guide focuses more on play tools in a more original sense of the term, i.e., as equipment used to make and repair things.

Play tool kits

There are many fields of work where construction, maintenance and repair are in a constant cycle. Making kids' version toolsets for the same can improve problem-solving and motor skills. A few examples are construction sites where pipes and the like need to be fitted and removed, car manufacturing sites where several car parts need to be assembled, and an electrician's toolbox with many tools required for circuit repair. As parents or caretakers, you can, at times, help children understand or locate particular objects to help them find meaning and interest in the play.

Avoiding health hazards

When buying children toys, or anything for that matter, you need to see if it is age-appropriate. For instance, children from 0-3 years have significantly different development than, say, for example, 6-9. Because they would have a different understanding of the world and awareness of safety and risks, under no condition should children under three be given toolsets, as they contain various tiny objects they may swallow. Toxin-free, lightweight and washable tools are always preferred for kids. Tools with batteries may need to have a waterproof enclosure.

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