Top 12 PlayStation 4 Accessories

Anyone who loves gaming is familiar with Sony’s PlayStation, a video game brand known for its gaming consoles. Among the five generations of the PlayStation consoles, the fourth one – the PS 4, launched in 2013, is one of the company’s best-selling gaming systems due to its photorealistic 3D graphics. Even though the PlayStation 4 alone offers a highly immersive experience, investing in some accessories is always a good choice to get the most out of a gaming console.

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PlayStation 4 Accessories Buying Guide

There are many common PlayStation 4 accessories like a gaming headset, mouse, controller charging cables, and PS4 controllers – if you don’t purchase the original one or need an extra one. However, buying any of these accessories requires some deliberation and this guide will help buyers make an informed choice.

Key Features of a Gaming Headset

The foremost thing to ensure is whether the headset is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and it should have high-quality surround sound speakers that deliver crisp highs and deep bass. The microphone must have a crystal-clear and noise-cancelling microphone for easy communication. It is essential for the headset to have a lightweight design and comfortable ear cushions for long gaming sessions. LED lights are also an added feature in some gaming headsets that buyers can consider.

Choosing the Right Gaming Mouse

Although the PlayStation 4 is traditionally played with a controller, it also supports a USB and wireless mouse connection. However, it is better to go with a wireless mouse as it offers more flexibility, but it should have a high tracking speed, fast response rate, and an efficient gaming sensor. The mouse’s design should have low friction feet for smooth play, feel comfortable, be lightweight, and have rubber grips.

What to Look for In a PS4 Controller?

The best way to enjoy the PlayStation’s video gaming experience is using a controller – however, there are some features to consider. First off, buyers can choose between wired and wireless controllers based on their preference. The controller must have an ergonomic design with highly responsive analogue sticks and buttons. A built-in speaker, stereo headset jack, long-lasting & rechargeable battery, vibration feedback, and a long connectivity range are other essential features to keep in mind.

How to Select a Controller Charging Cable?

Whether you need to replace an old or broken controller charging cable or you are buying a controller separately, choosing a premium quality cable is essential. A flexible nylon braided cable with built-in ferrite beads is an excellent choice for reduced noise interference. It is also crucial to select a controller charging cable that allows gameplay while charging and has high-speed data sync. The cable length/size and the warranty period are other factors buyers can consider if preferred.