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The little ones learning to walk are always curious about the things surrounding them. Since babies get exposed to several plug outlets around the home, it's essential to baby-proof these outlets in your home to avoid unintentional electric accidents. However, the availability of an extensive range of socket covers can make it confusing while buying them.

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Plug Socket Covers Buying Guide

Small kids are explorers who love to play, poke, twist, or chew on anything they find in their way. Therefore, baby-proofing the home is an indispensable part of every new parent's job. Since there are so many exposed power outlets within reach of a growing child, it becomes essential to use safety plug socket covers to protect your child. While buying electrical socket covers, there are several things to consider, ranging from its practicality to its affordability. The following guide focuses on such factors, keeping the best interests of the buyers in mind.

Ensuring the use of quality materials

Plastic or any non-toxic form of PVC are some of the ubiquitous materials used in making plug socket covers. There is also a large availability of eco-friendly materials when it comes to socket covers. These are strong, sturdy, and durable enough to last for years. Furthermore, purchasing a good-quality socket cover has dual advantages. It doesn't only protect the children from dangerous electric shocks but is ideal for protection against splashes of water, dust, or dirt into the outlet.

Size variants of a plug socket cover

Generally, one can easily find any size of a socket cover in stores that can universally fit a plug outlet. However, it's always beneficial to match your socket's product dimensions before buying to avoid unnecessary returns. The build-design of a plug socket cover can also vary depending on the manufacturer. A simple squeeze-release mechanism allows adults to gain access to the plugs. For the remaining times, it remains closed to protect the babies from accidental shocks.

Additional convenience features

Easy installation and removal are features that every buyer searches for when buying plug socket covers. Instead of a single socket cover, one can also purchase a bundle of coverings from the same time for lower prices, eventually saving time and money. The practicality of the design also does not hinder the wire plugged into the socket. One can even find a lockable plug socket cover that can only open by using the correct key, which is ideal for creating an extra-protected barrier for actively playful babies.

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