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Power sources are central to every industrial setting. Using hydraulic pumps or systems is considered one of the most efficient ways to generate power/energy - so are pneumatic pumps. Both have very similar operations, but instead of fluids, a pneumatic pump uses pressurised air or inert gases to function. Besides being highly effective, pneumatic pumps are an excellent low-cost alternative to gas or electric motors and have several uses – making it a versatile product with great benefits.

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Pneumatic Pumps Buying Guide

Although the mainstream applications of pneumatic pumps include various industries like chemicals, food processing, construction, and mining – they are also suitable for household or domestic use. Usually, high-performance and heavy-duty machines require high maintenance, but that is not the case with pneumatic pumps as they are comparatively low-maintenance. Better yet, a pneumatic pump is much safer than its counterparts and is easy to operate because of its simple design. However, buying a pneumatic pump is slightly more challenging than using one, and this guide will highlight everything buyers must know before investing in pneumatic pumps.

Wide Applicability

Since pneumatic pumps can serve many purposes, including industrial and domestic use, not all buyers will have the same requirement. Ideally, the first step would be to consider whether the pump is suitable for you, but hardly any pneumatic pumps are designed for a single application. However, a pneumatic pump with broad applicability and compatibility will increase the chances of it working with your machine or device. But it should be suitable for both industrial and household applications. Therefore, a broad application is somewhat necessary for pneumatic pumps and buyers must consider it.

Choose a High-Pressure & Efficient Pneumatic Pump

Pneumatic pumps convert pressurised air or gases into power, for which high pressure is highly essential. The pump must have premium quality, anti-corrosion materials and pipes like silicone PE to connect the inlet and outlet. Similarly, a soft rubber mounting on its surface can act as a cushion against intense vibration and noises during operation – which is pretty familiar with pneumatic pumps. As far as efficiency is concerned, the pump should draw low current and give high-capacity output as it is crucial for saving energy and increasing productivity.

What Else to Consider?

Even though manual pneumatic pumps are still quite common, it is better to go with an automatic one that automatically cuts off the pressure. Considering a pneumatic pump's size is not necessary for every situation, but if you plan on using it as part of another device – going with smaller body size is more appropriate. It is essential to ensure that the pneumatic pump you choose should be able to withstand dry rotation, offer high stability, and have a long service life.

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