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Looking into a mirror while getting ready is a household activity. However, having a polystyrene head is better for trying out new wigs or hats. The 3-D nature and poly texture make it easy and convenient for the user to try unique ornaments. The polystyrene head also contributes by serving as a holder of sunglasses, hats etc. when not in use.

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Polystyrene Heads Buying Guide

Polystyrene heads are a useful tool for artists. Although, doesn't make them exclusive to artists. One can find themselves using the polystyrene head as a holder for their accessories or even as a showpiece. The polystyrene heads come in various sizes and materials to better suit the wide variety of applications.

Finding The Perfect Polystyrene Head For You

To find the perfect polystyrene head for the buyer isn't too tricky. However, the buyer must first determine their needs. If the head's primary focus is to serve as a holder for the buyer's accessories, then getting one made of poly would be preferable over a head made of foam. Foam restricts the number of applications and also shows ageing through colour change and material wear-out.

The Different Uses 

A polystyrene head can serve various purposes. The most common motive is to act as a holder for the buyer's wigs. To achieve this, the polystyrene head needs to be sturdy to hold up the weight. The surface of the product should also be smooth in order to avoid any scratches or inconvenience with the accessories. 

Other Features To Look For In A Polystyrene Head

The buyer can personalise a polystyrene head to make them suitable for their use. The buyer may want to use the product as a display piece with an accessory on it. In this case, the buyer should ensure that the material does not fade and is also waterproof. If the material isn't waterproof, the polystyrene head may get soft or lose the original colour, making it unfit for display. If the buyer intends to use the polystyrene head to place a hat, they must double-check the size to avoid any damage to the hat.

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