Top 12 Pond De-Icer

The arrival of the winter season comes with quite a few hardships, not just for humans but also for fishes. We humans can protect each other, but those fishes can't. That's where pond de-icers come into play, normalising the temperature of the water. Looking for a pond de-icer is sure of a headache. This guide will help you find your ideal pond de-icer.

Pond De-Icer Buying Guide

Winter is coming & nobody wants to see their fish dead floating on the top of ice-cold water. Pond De-icer is what one would keep in their consideration for the safety of those fishes. It sits down on the pond in the iced water, and releases all the gases inside that would've either killed your fish or made it hard for them to survive. It reduces the work by maintaining a perfect atmosphere for the fishes. They're also very eco-friendly and serve as a good investment.

Size availability of pond de-icer

There are various sizes of ponds available or owned by people. It doesn't matter if you have a pond with a volume of up to 250 gallons or a pond with a volume of up to 1000 gallons; de-icer with the same thermostat heat energy might have side-effects. For a pond whose size is up to 250 gallons, you'll need a 100 to 250-watt de-icer. For a pond with a volume of 250 to 500 gallons, you'll need a 300-watt de-icer. Whereas for the pond with a capacity of 500 to 1000 gallons, you'll need a 750-watt de-icer.

Controlling  the temperature

For a de-icer, controlling the temperature inside the pond is crucial. One should look for a de-icer with an internal thermostat to keep the temperature in control. Overheating can cause quite a few problems in the pond, including damage to the pond liner. A de-icer must not cause any harm to the pond liner.

Other factors to keep in mind

Choosing a pond de-icer with stability is what you should keep into consideration. A de-icer that can be anchored to the bottom using a string attached to it; is known as a stable de-icer. Stainless steel de-icer has a beneficial effect in preventing corrosion and cracking, which other materials do not have.

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