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Having a swimming pool at home is one of the coolest things you could have. Swimming is an activity that brings people together and offers immense pleasure and tranquillity. It also helps one achieve better physical health. Having said that, one must only swim in a clean pool to stay safe from drowning or contamination. A healthy swimming pool demands frequent maintenance, and with the right equipment in handy, it can be effortless. Pool hoses are crucial tools required for cleaning pools, and this guide will help you purchase the right one catering to your needs.

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Pool Hoses Buying Guide

Before purchasing pool hoses, one must ensure that it is compatible with their cleaning equipment. Suction-side pool cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners are the three primary types of pool cleaners in the market. Different machines call for different hoses for the right functions. The cleaning cycle of the machine, i.e. the time the cleaner takes to run, also influences the quality you seek in a hose.

Resistance is the key

Pool hoses are constantly subjected to water that might be chlorinated or even contaminated, a reason why the pool has to be cleaned frequently. Resistance to various chemicals and corrosion are thus quintessential for pool hoses. They must also be UV resistant and resilient in harsh weather conditions. It goes without saying that pool hoses must be strong to withstand mechanical stress for prolonged hours, which is why abrasion resistance is vital to prevent any tear and wear. Having such resisting properties guarantee that the hose stays durable for many years. Hoses made of cheap materials may tear after two or three uses due to the water pressure.

The design of the hose

Swimming pools come in various sizes, all requiring hoses in the appropriate lengths for the coverage area. Bulky hoses are not ideal; they may not be easy to use or floatable in many pools. They also take up a lot of space. Lightweight yet sturdy hoses with high flexibility are generally preferred for optimum manoeuvrability. The length of the hose can also be customisable if you go for sets with short hoses that can be manually attached. They will be beneficial for public pools where many pools in differing sizes need to be cleaned.Hoses with swivel cuffs at one end ensure kink-free manoeuvrability and a spiral wound construction increases the flow rate of water and flexibility of the hose. Many pool hoses come with all the nifty parts required for a full replacement of the pool's filter system, which is a desirable feature as you would not have to look for compatible products elsewhere.

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