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Popcorns are mainly famous in movie theatres and shopping malls and are a healthier alternative to fried items. The different flavours of popcorns like cheese, tomato, caramel etc., are exceptionally tempting. The popcorn poppers are usually moderate-sized machines that can produce popcorns in larger quantities. However, they are of different varieties, and it can be overwhelming to determine the right kind in the absence of a guide.

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Popcorn Poppers Buying Guide

Popcorns are the most convenient to prepare and are enjoyed by all. The popcorn poppers are available in different variants and specifications and greatly depend on where they want to install them. The poppers available for domestic and commercial purposes are distinct from each other. Other factors are the capacity, popping speed, construction, flavours etc., which influences the kind of popcorn poppers to buy and this guide assists in that.

The capacity of the popcorn poppers

Popcorn poppers are available in diverse sizes ranging from 15 cups per batch to 3 gallons. If the intent is to buy for malls and movie theatres, the machine with higher capacity is preferred to supply to larger crowds consistently. The countertop poppers seem visually appealing and cater to house parties and family gatherings as they can crush 80g of popcorn. Microwave popcorn poppers can make 15 cups of popcorns in lesser time. They also consume less space in the kitchen and can be operated by kids by tapping a button.

Popping speed of the poppers

After figuring out the capacity of the popcorn popper, it is imperative to know the amount of time it requires to pop the specific amount. Most of the popper operate at a more incredible speed and can pop it within 3-4 minutes. This is faster than what a microwave could produce at the same time and tastes better too. In addition, the higher power of 1200W makes it swift and hassle-free.

Air popping method or requires oil

In today's date, people are highly conscious about the food they eat and avoid calories. Popcorns are considered healthy because they are just popped by the air popping method without using oil or butter. The popcorn poppers that use this method are favoured as it is natural and calories free, allowing guilt-free indulgence. Moreover, seasonings or flavours can be added as per the taste. However, oil poppers yield popcorns that are richer in taste due to oil and are quite similar to what we get in theatres and malls.

Highlights of a popcorn popper

Some of the poppers are integrated with a larger outlet to ensure smooth delivery of the popcorns. The covers of the poppers can also be used as serving bowls. Additionally, the anti-skid feature avoids slipping of the popper. Dual protection mechanism prevents the overheating of a popper, and the vents at the bottom aids in heat ventilation that retain its durability.

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