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Many parents go weary during the process of changing their newborn's nappies, but with the right tools handy, the task can be unimaginably effortless. Portable changing mats are made precisely for this purpose. The following guide will introduce you to and help with the purchase of this staple baby product.

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Portable Changing Mats Buying Guide

As much as adorable they are, babies can be immensely unpredictable. They have not developed control over when and where they defecate and urinate, and this leads to parents, especially the new ones go quickly tired and confused in handling them.

Why are changing mats essential?

Often, expecting parents stack clothes, toys and toiletries for giving the best care for their babies. In baby showers too, guests usually gift them the same. Changing mats are often overlooked during pre-baby shopping. However, they are crucial in managing the baby and his or her temperament. When babies defecate frequently and intermittently, the most critical aspect to take care is hygiene, both of the baby and the surface where their diaper is being changed. Changing a diaper anywhere you see fit is not ideal as the faecal matter comes in contact with it.

How is it designed?

A changing mat is usually made of a waterproof material which can be easily wiped. The moment the baby poops, the foldable mat can be easily accessed and spread on the bed, floor, table or any other flat surface. The baby can be laid on its soft and tender texture. Having a changing mat makes it easier for you and the baby as you have a portable changing station that takes little effort to clean.

Features in check

Because infants' growth is relatively rapid, it is always preferred to buy a changing mat that is a little bigger than the space your baby requires. Smooth waterproof materials are highly desired, although some prefer water absorbent materials so that babies with a temper don't throw tantrums when they come in contact with dampness. The latter, however, calls for thorough cleaning. Disposable changing mats that often come as a set are also in demand during travel as one may not have enough time access to clean a regular changing carpet. They are super-soft with padded, absorbent material to avoid any spillage on the vehicle or public toilets. Parents generally prefer foldable changing mats with storage space for baby cream, soap, nappies towels etc., especially when travelling, as it would relieve them from finding cleaning products from the luggage.

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