Top 12 Potty Training Seats

Seats can be found in different colours, cartoons and characters. A seat that can settle in your daily routine is the most helpful. Make sure they have contoured curves for maximum comfortable fitting. The seat must have something to distract your child and lure them to use it again. Features like sticker, light and cartoons are a great attraction.

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Potty Training Seats Buying Guide

Potty training is required to make your child lose diaper. For this, potty training seats are the most important equipment. It makes them comfortable with the scene and sound of the loo. Plus, it can be taken anywhere around the home.

Storage space and size

The seat must be stable so that the toddler can sit comfortably. Cushion seats are cosy, but they require a bit more cleaning effort. The seat should not slip or wobble under the child’s weight. This may render them hesitant to use them again. A small seat can rub the bottom of your tiny one, while if it’s too big, it may not transfer them proper support.

Ease of cleaning                      

Seats with a handle at the front and a pout in place of the backrest, ease pouring. Splash guard can be useful in the case of young guys. It will keep the surrounding floor clean as pee drop back into the toilet. They come with a raised front that prevents splashing. You can take them out with a removable splash guard if the child finds it uncomfortable while sitting.

Basic potty chair

Simple plastic potty chairs require you to empty them every time they are used, so go for a lightweight seat. Choose a seat with good height so that the child does not have to bend on knees too much. Let them focus on the potty process and not the discomfort that comes with it.

Training seats for serious trainees

Training seats sit on top of the normal adult’s toilet. It allows you to skip the potty stage and directly take the child to the adult toilet world. With these seats, you will need a footstool to help them reach the seat. Some of them can be converted into standalone potty chairs. Well, in that case, you have to use a disposable bag. Nevertheless, they take a smaller space and does the same work.

Removable bowl and travel seats

Removable bowls are similar to a standalone potty but have a removable bowl that you can take out and empty. You don’t have to carry the whole seat. With a travel seat, you can continue the training while you are travelling. They are handy and have a foldable design with a leakproof seal so that you can dump them at your convenience. They should be lightweight, easy to carry and fit in your vehicle.