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Detergent is a powder used to wash clothes and is added to the detergent slot of the washing machine so that the detergent is made to percolate all the clothes. When used, detergent removes dirt, oil, sweat and stains from the clothes and restores freshness and fragrance. Hence, detergents are a staple accessory in every household.

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While one may survive without food or water, it is near impossible to live without clean clothes because of the dirt and sweat they accumulate. The accumulated filth in the clothes produces an extremely unpleasant odour, making it difficult for people to live near the person wearing the unwashed clothes. Like food and water, fresh clothing is a basic necessity because wearing unwashed clothes results in hygiene-related diseases like skin irritation.  Moreover, one cannot wear stained clothing in more professional settings like schools and workplaces. Hence, powdered detergent is a saving grace because it cleans soiled unusable clothes effectively.

Detergents for whitewashing

All detergents are not suitable for all clothing types. Standard detergent powders cannot be used for white clothes because they may damage the clothes. Hence, separate whitewashing detergents need to be used for white clothes because they do an excellent job of restoring the whiteness to soiled white clothes. Moreover, whitewashing detergents are delicate and do not cause any damage whatsoever to the clothes being washed.

All-purpose laundry detergent

It can become difficult to get separate detergents for separate types of clothes. All-purpose detergents save one the trouble of washing different clothes individually with each different respective detergents. With an all-purpose detergent, one can wash cotton clothes, woollen clothes, undergarments, kitchen clothes and even uniforms and work clothes. The laundry detergent is potent at removing dirt and stains from all the different types of clothes one may use.

Detergents for newborn

Newly born children have extremely sensitive and delicate skin. Standard detergents may leave traces of chemicals in the clothes even after washing and drying them. The chemical residues left by the detergents may not affect adults much but can cause irritation, rashes and burns for newborn infants. Hence, special detergents called infant detergents must be used to wash baby clothes. These detergents are made of ingredients that do not harm the incredibly delicate baby skin.

Soda crystals for washing machines

Soda crystals are small crystals that are made of the material sodium carbonate decahydrate. When washing clothes, the odour from the dirty clothes tends to stay behind in the washing machine. If ignored, the odour grows stronger and remains in the clothes even after washing and drying them. Soda crystals help remove the stench by cleaning and deodourising the insides of the washing machine. To perform the soda crystal treatment, one needs to rinse the interiors with one or two crystals.

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