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Power cables are an amalgamation of one or several conductors and transmit higher amperes and voltage. The conductors are clasped together with an overall casing. Electronic devices can be conveniently connected with a portable electronic device as they can travel through an extension cord or wall socket. In todays' time, power cables are available with various specifications and types to suit the buyer's requirements, and it can get complicated without a practical guide.

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Power Cables Buying Guide

A power cable has two primary parts – the cable plug connected to the power source and the male/female connector plugged into the equipment. They carry either Alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Expansion of an ideal PC, workstation or PlayStation can be completed with the right choice of power cables. They form valuable components of a power system as they are significant for their long term running and durability. Diverse connectors and interface are available in the market, and this guide helps you decide the one that works best for you. 

Power cable categories

The power cables are categorised based on the length, the appliances they are used for and their power supply. Monitor power cables provide a connection between the monitor and the computer that could be analog or digital. Various types of cables for hard drives are available depending on the circuit integration. USB connectors are widely used and are divided into type-A, type-B and type-C according to their ports. . Some of the cables are compatible with specific brands of appliances.

The voltage of the power cable

Voltage is one of the primary things to look for while buying a power cable, and it is usually mentioned by the manufacturer. Ideally, the voltage capacity of the power cable must be higher than the system voltage. Hence the device voltage must be checked first to avoid any damage and overload. A 12V adapter is deemed suitable for small household appliances like cameras, routers, scanners, LED strips, etc.

The cable quality cannot be compromised

Stressing on the voltage and power supply can sometimes sideline the importance of the quality of the power cable. It is wise to emphasise superior quality cables than the ones with higher wattage. The wires are made of high temperature resistant and flame retardant elements. The thick coating of the cable offers low or no energy loss, environment-friendly designed circuit, prevents short circuit and has higher efficiency.

Length is a key factor

The distance between the electronic device and power source must be estimated beforehand to avoid last-minute confusion. Power cables are 2-3 metres in length on average, and in case it falls short, the whole purpose of it will be defeated. In contrast, a long power cable might just create a hassle and come in the way while working.

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Categories Simillar to Power Cables includes MIDI Cables, Multicore Cables