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A power tiller can prove to be a great help if you start gardening or practice farming as a profession. It is specially designed for wet puddle soil but works just fine, even on dry ground. A power tiller is all about a capable engine and a sharp-tined rotor, which is the main factor to consider while purchasing.

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Power tillers are used in farms, gardens for breaking massive lumped-up soil into the loose dirt. This multi-purpose soil-cultivation tool can be adjusted to suit various farming or gardening purposes such as a reaper harvester or a disc plough. The following are the types of power tiller available in the market, covering all sorts of soil operations required.

Mini Power Tillers

Mini power tillers can be used in small gardens or house-farms demanding limited strength. A 2 stroke, 52 cc engine is enough for manoeuvring plants without causing any damage. The maximum power a mini tiller should provide is 2hp. They must have a small 1.2-2L capacity petrol tank with a two-cycle engine. The tiller is useful for creating flower beds, vegetable patches, loosening aerated soil, and even weeding. A mini tiller requires 2-4 sharp knives or rotators, with a cutting width of a maximum of 10 inches and a cutting depth of 2 inches. 

Front-tine Tiller

The front-tine tiller is powerful enough to rip heavy-clay and sun-baked soil but not completely solid grounds. These tillers are easy to use and carry around and can be used in a small to medium-sized allotment. An average front-tine tiller has a 125-180 cc engine with a four-stroke motor. They can have 6-16 knives with an average width of 14-20 inches. The rotors support both front and reverse movement. A 2.2- 5.5hp engine is enough for seedling, pulling-up weed, and planting. Both mini and front-tine tillers incorporate air-cooling system due to small engine capacity. 

Rear-tine Tiller

For professional and small farmers, a rear-tine tiller is an appropriate option. They are heavier and more potent than other types of tillers mentioned above. A rear-tine engine requires oil cooling due to its larger capacity and power generation. An average rear-tine engine should provide more than four horsepower. These tillers mostly utilize 100-105 cc capacity, four-stroke engine supporting both front and rear gear. They can have 4 to 18 blades. The average wheel size of a rear-tine is 13-25 inches. 

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