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An internet connection is something one can find in almost every household today. We all love streaming videos & movies, playing games, or just browsing through social media from the comfort of our home – and it wouldn't have been possible without the internet. But it isn't uncommon to face connectivity & range issues with wireless routers, and powerline network adapters are the perfect solution. A powerline adapter uses your house's existing electrical wiring to connect to the internet while boosting the speed and improving signals.

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Powerline Network Adapters Buying Guide

Although a direct ethernet connection is more reliable than using a powerline network adapter, installing ethernet wiring can be costly and messy. Powerline adapters come in pairs of two – where one needs to be connected to the router/network port, and the other adapter attaches to the device such as a PC/laptop, Blu-ray player, or gaming console. The adapters also pose a consistency and latency advantage compared to Wi-Fi, making them an excellent alternative to wireless internet. However, to get the best out of a powerline network adapter, buyers should keep some features in check.

High-Speed Data Transfer Rates

All powerline network adapters support different data transfer rates such as up to 1000 Mbps or more. But the actual speed one gets is typically around 100 to 200 Mbps because it varies based on network conditions such as data traffic, electrical noise, and sometimes wiring issues. However, going with an ultra-fast or high-speed connection is still necessary for seamless internet usage. Buyers should also ensure that along with excellent speed – the powerline adapter supports HD or 4K video streaming, gaming, and fast downloads.

Easy Set-up & Ethernet Ports

Some powerline network adapters need some configuration and setting-up which can be complicated and may even require calling a professional. Since the whole purpose behind using powerline adapters is a quick and easy internet connection – buyers should go with an adapter that only has to be plugged in/requires no configuration. A powerline network adapter needs an ethernet cable to stimulate an internet connection, so one should ensure that the ethernet port supports high-speed data transfer rates. As per their preference, buyers can choose between integrated and multiple ports.

More Essential Features

Since powerline network adapters work over the existing electrical wiring, they might consume a lot of energy. However, some brands offer powerline adapters equipped with a power-saving mode, which can be quite beneficial. A pair button that quickly sets up a powerline home network connection is an excellent feature for network security and data protection. Although powerline adapters are a great investment, they may or may not work for you – which is why it is best to go with one that can be easily replaced. Similarly, an extended warranty period must also be considered.

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