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We are all familiar with the aphorism “practice makes perfect”, and it applies to every skill, including playing musical instruments. While you may not find a separate practice device for every instrument, there is one for drums, called practice pads. Even though you can practice using a real drum kit, it may not always be possible, which is why a practise-pad is an excellent purchase to improve on your drumming technique.

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Practice Pads Buying Guide

Besides improving execution, practice pads can also help increase the pace and refine tuning skills. It can be quite beneficial for both beginners and professionals and are easy to use as they are lightweight and have a portable design. You can either place the practice pad on the snare drum or any flat surface, while producing half the noise, making it suitable to use anywhere and anytime. However, practice pads imitate an acoustic drum kit and are entirely different from electronic drum pads. Also, it is best to keep several characteristics in check, that this guide will explain.

Single Vs Double-Sided Practice Pads

Before moving on to any other factor, the foremost one buyers need to consider is choosing between a single and double-sided practice pad. Though the choice may seem confusing, it is quite simple. A single-sided pad has one side, which is usually soft and easier to play, whereas the double-sided one is hard and comparatively more difficult to play. The latter is more suitable if you frequently switch between different music genres and offers more flexibility. However, a single-sided practice pad may be the better choice for beginners.

Which Material is Best for Practice Pads?

When buying practice pads, the material choice is fairly limited as most are made with basic rubber or a variation of rubber such as elastic rubber, gum rubber, neoprene, and so on. No matter which kind you select, it is vital to ensure it can withstand frequent practising and resists over time wear and tear. Some brands even offer practice pads made of environment-friendly rubber, which is an added feature to consider. It is also essential to select practice pads with a high-density wood board for better results and practice.

Other Essential Characteristics

Another crucial factor one must keep in mind is the practice pad’s size, especially if you plan to place it on an actual drum kit while practising. A non-slip surface like an EVA polymer mat on the bottom is excellent to prevent slipping and also helps with shock absorption. Some practice pads even include additional drumming accessories such as a pair of drumsticks or a carry bag, or both – something buyers can consider.