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Preserving sugars are used for preserving foods and jellies, as the name suggests. There is not a lot to consider in preserving sugar. However, some factors like the package, pectin content, and other features are to be considered before buying one. So, go through the guide to know more!

Preserving Sugar Buying Guide

When it comes to preserving sugars, you will almost use these for making jellies, jams, or preserves. The sugar used for making jams slightly differs from these, which will also be discussed in the guide below. We shall also see if we can use the regular granulated sugar or not.

Choose between the two

As mentioned earlier, the sugar for preserving comes in two variants. One is the preserving sugar, and the other is the jam sugar, which is specifically designed for making jams. The jam sugar is similar to the regular granulated sugar but has more large granules than the regular sugar. Preserving sugar is very useful in making preserves of fruits, marmalades, and more. It is also noted that jam sugar is slightly higher in price than regular granulated sugar due to the presence of pectin, which we will discuss in the later topics. You can choose the one you want.

So, what is pectin?

Pectin is a type of substance that is naturally found in fruits like oranges, apples, grapes. This is the substance that thickens the jam or the preserve to its right consistency. You can see which type of fruits can go well with the one you have chosen in the package itself. The sugar that has high pectin content is suitable for fruits with low pectin content.

Go through the package thoroughly

The package of sugar is also a vital factor to consider when buying. If you are not a person who uses a lot of sugar or not a person who does not make jams or jellies, you can often purchase sugar that is available in standard clear packages. You can store it in the freezer, and you can use it anytime later too. But if you use this kind of sugars often, then you can look for glass containers. It is not mandatory. If you buy glass containers, you can re-use and re-purpose them. Hope it helped you!

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