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Many times, people wish to held a get-together with their families & friends. But, the art of cooking becomes a tedious task. In such instances, having a Pressure cooker in the kitchen seems to be a relief. It takes a few minutes, and all the delicious meals are ready to serve & enjoy.

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Pressure Cookers Buying Guide

One can bring a top-class pressure cooker to their home and get stress-free. The pressure cooker makes healthy & delicious meal servings with its speedy cooking methods. Thus, it saves a lot of time & effort in the kitchen. This buying guide will help prospective buyers about an ideal pressure cooker for fulfilling their family & kitchen needs.

Material composition & structural qualities

Mostly, pressure cookers have got made up of either aluminium or stainless steel. A good-quality pressure cooker features a shielded safety valve and a goof-proof lid that works as a jetliner door for ensuring better safety. Many pressure cookers have multi-functional locking safety handles too. Before purchasing a pressure cooker, always crosscheck that the handles must be heat-resistant. The colour choice for the pressure cooker typically lies between Silver, Grey, and Contura Black. Some pressure cookers also possess a mirror-polished surface with an interior & base matt finish. The best part about the pressure cooker is that it is available in different weights & sizes depending upon the capacity. Therefore, one can buy a suitable sized pressure cooker for them.

Cooker capacity is a critical parameter!

Pressure cookers are available in variant sizes and capacities. The capacity range may vary from 1litre, 1.5litres, 2litres, 3litres to 4litres, 5litres, 6litres, 7.5litres, 8litres, 10litres, 12litres. So, one can choose the cooker as per their kitchen requirements. For instance, smaller families or couples can opt for a pressure cooker with a holding capacity of up to 4litres. In contrast, families that host parties & dinners more often or are big must go with a capacity of at least six litres and above. Eventually, small-sized pressure cookers can cook around 2-6 healthy meal servings, whereas medium-sized Cookers can serve meals for 5-7 persons. Contrarily, large pressure cookers can make 10-16 meal servings at once.

Other technical features

Every pressure cooker has a distinct operation mode. It can be either manual or automatic system. In automatic operation mode, the pressure gets automatically regulated to an optimum level for speedy cooking. There are programmable cookers as well. Such pressure cookers involve one-touch programmes for easy control. Eventually, it offers multiple cooking methods like slow cook, pressure cook, steam, and saute.

A few additions make it more convenient!

Most pressure cookers are induction suitable as well. Although, several pressure cookers also have a stainless-steel base which makes them ideal for different kinds of hobs such as gas, ceramic, solid plate, radiant rings, and halogen. Some pressure cookers also have a visual indicator that reveals the cooking pressure. Moreover, a few models are dishwasher safe as well. Generally, pressure cookers come with several practical accessories, including a separator, divider, and wire trivet. There is a list of top brands that manufacture high-quality pressure cookers, including Prestige, Hawkins, Crock-Pot, Instant Pot, etc.

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