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Propagators are becoming one of the greatest inventions for the people who love growing plants at home. Not everyone can afford a greenhouse space for their plants; here propagators come in the picture. But what can be the ideal size to buy? How much longer can they be used? There are many questions that you must have the answer to before you buy that particular product. This buying guide covers all your questions on how to buy a perfect propagator in one go.

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Propagators Buying Guide

A few years ago, most gardeners used to apply a greenhouse bench for the seeds' germination. But this process of seed germination is not very friendly to one's pocket. There is a lot of electricity use; one needs to heat the bench as soon as the temperature dips. An electric propagator will allow you to overcome this and other problems as they come.

How important is the durability?

Durability is one of the main features to look at in propagators as it provides the protection and safe environment to your plants. One should not compromise with the quality of the lid. It must have enough space to germinate multiple seeds in one gay. For the prolonged use of propagators and a good life, durability should be tested and proven by the company.

Temperature modulation of the propagator

Usually, the seeds germinate at an ideal temperature of 18°C – 22°C. Everyone knows that the roots grow more efficiently and quickly when given a proper and constant temperature throughout the whole day. So this is the main feature to look at in any propagators, there should be a temperature modulation to set an ideal temperature needed.

Size, dimensions and wattage rating

While buying the Propagators, one should not go only for the propagators' length and width height is also the main factor. The size allows the plants to grow in a safe environment and enables the proper space to gain a decent height and shape. If you are looking for the heated propagators' category, you should go for a Propagators with a high wattage rating. This high rating generally helps in maintaining the cost. It also provides the constant heat supply to maintain the desired temperature suitable to the plant.

Some unique features of propagators.

Some non-heated propagators come with a vented lid on the top for the best ventilation system and a proper temperature to provide to your plant. For the waterlogging problems, they also have a drainage system to overcome such issues. The propagator's base should be of a non-slip material so that you can protect it falling. And lastly, ensure that the cells of the propagator are opening without disturbing the roots.

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