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Radial ball bearings or friction reduction devices carrying loads radially around its axis and operating via lubricated steel balls placed between two grooved rings are used almost in multiple products and applications. This guide will help to choose quality radial bearings as well as quality bearing distributors preventing bearing failure.

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Radial Ball Bearings Buying Guide

Also regarded as deep-groove or Conrad bearings, Radical bearings are designed to withstand forces perpendicular to the direction of the shaft or radial loads. The axial and the radial loads need to be distributed more evenly along the axial angular contact that requires lubrication to protect the interior surface from contaminants or other debris. Thus, making a quality choice while purchasing radical ball bearings can prevent buyers from numerous hassles.

Make a Smart Choice

Improper lubrication can often be a prime cause of bearing failure either due to excessive or very little or incorrect lubrication intervals or even using old, deteriorated grease or oil. Thus, making a smart choice of self-lubricating bearings that essentially work by impregnated lubricant already present in either form of liquid (oil) or solid (graphite, lead) within the sliding layer of the bearing, unlike pre-lubricated bearings requiring re-lubrication at some point, can avoid the cause of improper lubrication reducing labour costs.

Choosing the Correct Sealing system

Buyers are required to choose proper sealing bearings which are critical for guarding against contamination by impurities and external agents, enhancing the longevity of the bearings’ operability. Generally, fluid pressure determines the choice of the sealing system. If the pressure is high, a mechanical seal can be the ideal choice that is leakage control devices, else the choice will rely on the type of lubricant, grease or oil.

Bearing Vs Bearing

While Ball bearings are optimal for radial contacts, they only support a moderate axial load. As one of the most budget-friendly bearings, they are also the most compact, and most widely used type of bearings ideal for small bearings that operate at high speeds. On the other hand, Deep groove ball bearings are also among the most widely used bearing types that operates at high speeds carrying radial and axial loads commonly used in electric motors and compressors, fans and conveyors. However, as far as high speed is concerned deep groove bearings can be an ideal choice. 

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